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In married life, sooner or later, there may arise a situation when you have to handle your angry wife. Being emotionally closest to her, you strive to make her happy. However, it could be very difficult to handle a situation if it goes out of hand.

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Quick Top 21 Tips How To Handle Wife

1. Don’t shout at your wife when you are talking it really hurt her.

2. Don’t not speak evil of her to anyone your wife will become who you call her.

3. Do Not Share her love or affection with another woman. It is called adultery.

4. Don’t Not let her body determine her worth, cherish and appreciate her even till old age.

5. Do not make negative comments about her body she risked her life & beauty to carry your babies.

6. Be gentle and accommodating. She has sacrificed so much to be with you. It hurt her when you are harsh.. Be tender.

7. Hide nothing from her. You are now one and she is your helpmeet. Let there be no secret you are keeping from her.

8. Don’t ever allow her to beg you for sex, she owns your body just as you own her body.

9. Never shout at her in the public and in private. If you have issue to sort with her, do it in the privacy of your room.

10. Thanks and appreciate her for taking good care of you, the kids and the house. It’s a great sacrifice she is making.

11. All women cannot cook the same way; appreciate your wife’s foot it’s is not easy to cook 3 meal a day , 365 days a year for several years.

12. Never place your siblings before her, she is your wife. She is one with you. She must comes before your family.

13. Invest seriously in her spiritual growth. Buy books, tapes and material that will edify and strengthen her walk with god. That’s the best thing you can do for her.

14. Never cease to tell her how much you love her all the day of her life. Women are never tired of hearing that.

15. Honor her parents and be kind to her siblings

16. Do not expose her weakness you will be exposing yourself too. Be a shield around her.

17. Never use money to manipulate or control her. All your money belongs to her. She is a joint heir with you of the grace of god.

18. Make time to play with her and enjoy her company. Remember when you are dead. She is gonna be your grave but your friends may be to busy to attend your funeral.

19. Spend time with her to do bible study and pray.

20. Seek the face of god day in day out. That is the only way you can be a good and godly husband.

21. We you are getting angry just come again and read.


Usually, things that go out of control, start off as very minor difference of opinions or small misunderstandings. These can easily be solved with a little patience, open communication, and with a little humility towards each other.

Say your wife has a quarrel with a neighbor and she is so enraged that she begins to yell at you as you enter your home. What should you do? Should you get angry also? When such events occur, you should adjust and carry on. You do not know who or what made her so furious. You are a man, so you should not allow a dispute to ensue. If she begins to argue with you, just calm her down. Conflict means differences of opinion.

Let’s take a look at how Atul skillfully handled a situation so as to avoid a conflict with his wife


Atul: Once I had a conflict with Hiraba (my wife). Even I became trapped in a difficult situation. I used to call my wife, ‘Hiraba’. As a GnaniPurush, I can either address women as, ‘Ba’ (mother: gesture of respect towards elderly ladies) or as ‘dikri’ (daughter). If you are interested, I can tell you. It is not a long story, just a short one.

Questioner: Yes, do tell us.

Atul: One day we had a conflict of opinions (“conflict” or “difference of opinion”). The mistake was mine; Hiraba was not at fault.

Questioner: She may have made the mistake, but you claim it was yours.

Atul: Yes, but it was not her mistake, it was mine. I am the one who does not want any conflict. She did not care whether a conflict took place or not and because I did, it is considered my mistake. If I do this (Dada hits the chair), does the chair get hurt or do I get hurt?

Questioner: You.

Atul: Therefore, it is up to me to understand. So anyway, one day there was a conflict and I got trapped. Hiraba told me that her brother’s eldest daughter was getting married and then asked me what we should give her as a gift. It would have been fine if she had not asked me. Whatever she wanted to give her would have been just fine and I would not have objected. However, when she asked me, I responded according to my intellect and said, “Rather than having new silverware made, why don’t you take one or two pieces of the silverware we have in the cupboard and give them as a gift?” Do you know what her reply was? In our house words like ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ are never used.

Only the words ‘our’ or ‘ours’ are used. So she said, “When your uncle’s son got married, you gave huge silver plates.” Now on that day, she used the words ‘mine’ and ‘yours,’ when normally she would say ‘ours.’ She would never make the separation of ‘mine’ and ‘yours’. This was the first time. I realized my mistake instantly, and looked for an opportunity to get out of the predicament. Now, how could I mend this damage? The bleeding had already started, so how could I apply the bandage in order to stop the bleeding?

So on that day ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ took place. The situation went so far, that she used the words, “Your uncle’s son,” rather than “Our nephew.” I realized that I had made a major mistake. That day I saw that I was about to take a fall, so I immediately corrected myself. 

There is a little misunderstanding on your part. I am not saying that.” Then when she asked me what I was trying to say, I replied, “Give her the silverware in addition to five hundred rupees. She could use the money!” In turn she replied, “You are so naive, how can you give so much?” At that point, I realized I had won over the situation. So then I told her, “You can give whatever you want to. All four of your nieces are like our own daughters.” At that point she became content! “You are truly divine,” she said.

There is some very most Important Things to Follow:

Never Argue

A woman can understand and consider problems all at once as she takes a collective perspective and view elements in a task as interconnected and interdependent. And she has difficulty separating her personal experiences from problems. This overall thinking of hers will make it difficult for you to win an argument with her. And she will narrate all her bad personal experiences with you stored in her memory if you start arguing with her.  Silence is best when she is verbally attacking. She will cool down once exhausted but if you argue, your words will register in her mind for further arguments.

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Make Her Feel Beautiful

Every woman longs to be called beautiful and even strives for the same. Whether a woman is dark or overweight still she has beauty in her. Find her beautiful spots and don’t be miser in praising them. Sound genuine while doing so.  Make her feel that she is the most beautiful woman in your eyes. If you want her to bring in some change in the way she looks or behaves don’t be blunt but smartly put forward your thought. Like “You are looking lovely in this dress but will look gorgeous if you reduce a little”. Or “I have put on weight and I am thinking of exercising. Would you like to join me?”


Be Her Best Friend

Talk to her about her aspirations, dreams, thoughts, childhood memories, fantasies, family, life, good and bad memories, likes and dislikes. She will love to share it with you. Women love humorous guys so try to be one and enjoy seeing her laugh at your jokes. Understand her monthly mood swings and biological clock and ignore her irritated, depressed or anxious behavior. To manage a wife, be her best friend.


Find Common Interest

It’s ok if you love watching your football match or drinking sessions with your friends.  But take equal interest in your wife’s likings and try to cultivate a taste for it. All humans have different interests but have something in common that both you and your wife can enjoy doing together. It can be watching movies, singing, swimming or travelling. This will bind you two together closely and increase companionship.


Celebrate Special Days

As a newly married you throw a lot of surprises and shower your wife with gifts but over the years this becomes like a mandatory task for you. To manage your wife in a loving way, try to plan surprises and make all her special days special for her. Do everything out of love and this feeling will touch her heart. And if you want to be cherished by her then wish and celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of her parents and siblings too.

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Recognize Her Personality

To manage your wife it is very important to understand the personality of your wife with whom you are and will be living under one roof all your life. Once you understand her nature and character you will consciously guide your own self how to react and behave in day to day life.  No two women are same. Their reactions, likes, dislikes, nature, all differ. One may like to enjoy only with you by her side the other may love to hang around with friends. One may be independent the other submissive. Once you understand your wife in and out you will not find it difficult to manage her.


Her Way Is The Right Way

When it comes to managing the house and kids blindly follow her way. Whether she likes to keep everything sorted, do not want kids to watch a particular program or have her choice of furniture, do it her way without any arguments. Every wife thinks she knows the best. If you do not follow her way then it will only increase frustration in her.

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Accept and adjust

Say your wife gets upset and says, “I am not bringing you a plate of food upstairs anymore; you will have to come down and get it yourself. I am not going to do that.” That is when you must say to her calmly, “Please fix me the plate, and I will come down and get it myself.” Even before she has a chance to say anything, just tell her that you are sorry and that you are coming. If you do this, you will sleep peacefully. Both of you will pout, you will sleep separately and not sleep well, and then in the morning, she will still be sulking when she serves you your breakfast. You will notice it right away. This life is full of conflicts and quarrels.”

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