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Hindustani Bhau – Indian YouTube Star And youth popular personality (New Trend Of Memes) . All you need to know Checkout Each & Every Information about Hindustani Bhau.

Hindustani Bhau is an indian YouTuber who makes video on India and Pakistan Controversy. He gives reply to those Pakistani youtubers, He who talks or makes bad and abuse videos on India. he is very popular in India. People likes his talking style and his “Munna Bhai” look. He makes videos in Hindi language. He mostly shoots his video in his car, his talking style is awesome. People enjoy his videos. But he uses abusing or adult language in his videos.

Hindustani Bhau Bio, Wiki


Let’s talk about Who is Hindustani Bhau. Hindustani Bhau Real Name is Vikas Jayram Phatak or Fatak and his Nickname is Bablu Fatak or Fatak. His age will be 30 to 32 years. He looks like Indian Bollywood actor “Munna Bhai”.he is also known as Hindustani Bhau. He makes videos to gives reply to some Pakistani peoples who talks bad things about India. No more information available about Hindustani Bhau. If you know anymore information about him please comment below we will update soon.

So, guys, Hindustani bhau is from a middle-class family. His father was an employ but because of some issue, his father left the job. Then Bhau’s family survived in very poor condition. That’s why bhau can’t complete his school. He left his school after 7th class. And he started to work by bunking the school. He did work in Hotels, Ladies bars and any more. Then he started improving himself and started doing some more work. He did many things in his child age. Now he has some flats, buildings, and his own car also. He doesn’t reveal his business but I think he does real estate business or he has many flats which are on the rent or he buys properties and sells. Something will be like that.

Married Life:

Hindustani Bhau is married and he has one son also. He lives with his family including his mother and father. He loves his family. His outlook is violent but he is a very emotional person

How He Become Trend:

Memes Trend may come and go But, Now a days a new and slangy meme trend has arrived. The reason behind this meme trend is none another than Hindustani Bhau which seems like Munna Bhai Of Parallel Universe. Duplicate of Munna Bhai, he has created million of fans on social media because of his original slangy voice and dialogues such as “Nikal La*de! Pehli fursat me nikal”. Our Hindustani Bhau has trolled lot of people including Javed Akhtar, Pakistani Cricket Team and lot more.

Why He Was Famous:

He being famous because of his toning of speech and his angry look. He looks like Munna bhai (Indian actor personality Sanjay Dutt). Right now he has more than 150k subscribers on his official YouTube channel. He publishes video daily or weekly, he doesn’t edit his video, he shoots his video by his mobile camera and directly uploads on YouTube. And his every video goes viral.

So let’s talk about his Controversies: he is famous because of his controversial speech: He have Controversies with khan babaDr. TurkiGucci khan, sajida ahmed, deepak kalal, and some others.



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